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Stained Glass Artists @ ..."Retired"...

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Stained Glass Artists

P.O.Box 1033, Lakeland, Florida 33802-1033

~~~ Gary VanCola <>  "RETIRED" ~~~

Here are just a few "Cane and Tiffany"style stained-glass and custom art pieces We designed and created....

~$~ I will buy-back any pieces we made, for our grandchildren! ~$~

Here's a complex 2 month project; 4'x4'
window with 100s of pieces in progress,
using a painstaking Diamond water saw
creating realism for actual Marine fish.
...........Designs by Gary VanCola...........


Here is a nice custom piece designed to fit

Perfectly over French Doors or Garden Tub

Custom Designed Window Inserts
Make Inside Installation Easy
Take Them With You When You Move

Enhance an old painted shut powder-room
window,  then take it when You move!










Readable Letters In Glass
Can Provide A Challenge
But Not A Problem With;

Chef's Special Order
Hang'n At The Bar

Our Art Work On Display In
Osprey's Dominion Brochure



You choose the Flowers-in-Bloom

and We'll make YOU a Garden or

the Night Sky or a SeaScape

This Original 4'x8' Extravaganza
"Native American Spirits" Glass Mural
Honors Our American Southwest
...Design by Gary VanCola.


summer of 2007                                         
Marie R. VanCola, Mercer                       
10-11-21 / 12-24-07                    

Email Our Studio at:







Taking a break with bride on the Wee Marie!



Chartres Cathedral - Chartres, France
Chartes 1968 with my 40's Kodak 35 RF Rangefinder


I shot this 'field research' backpacking across Europe in ‘68:
 ~ Chartres Cathedral
of Our Lady of Chartres, France 1220 ~